Spending money aimlessly might not help you do much beyond adding to your credit card bill but, if you’re buying something intentionally to help improve your life, even a splurge can be well worth the cost. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should tell yourself that everything in your favorite store might just change your life for the better. Consider spending a little extra on improving a few key areas for the greatest possible impact.

Your Confidence

If there’s something you’re particularly self-conscious about, see what you could do to ease that discomfort, whether that’s through “fixing” it or becoming more confident despite it. Do you avoid smiling because your coffee habits stain your teeth? Look into whitening treatments to laugh at every joke. Conversely, take full advantage of those parts of yourself that especially proud of. Love your eyes? Pick up some faux lashes to frame them and emphasize your natural lash line. Opt for the most high-quality options you can for the best results.

Your Bucket List

We’ve all fallen into that “someday” trap: there’s so much we want to do, but we’ll get to it someday. There’s not enough time or more important things to spend money on—the list goes on and on. But how often do we get around to doing those someday tasks? Take the first step today to cross something off your bucket list. Book the trip to that perfect, peaceful vacation destination of your dreams. Find the nearest spot to take a horseback riding lesson. Take a fiction class and start writing that novel. Spend the money now and you won’t regret putting that someday list off any longer.

Your Financial Health

The phrase concept of spending money to make money might seem counterintuitive to those who haven’t had the opportunity to test it out. But it can make a big difference in your overall financial health. Make extra payments towards debt to improve your credit utilization and relieve some stress around your monthly bills. Try your hand at investing. Buy what you need to start that side hustle you’ve been considering. Splurge on something now and your financial future to be brighter than ever. If you want to start small, consider starting (or bulking up) your emergency fund—paying yourself counts too!

Your Brain

You don’t need to go back to school to give your brain a facelift of its own (though that’s a worthwhile splurge if you do want to). If there’s something you want to learn, it’s practically guaranteed that there’s someone out there teaching it. You might be able to find some free courses but, for the most in-depth look, find a paid class with an expert on that field, like those offered by MasterClass. Invest in the supplies you need, whether that’s paintbrushes and canvas, pots and pans, or an instrument.


In moderation, a little retail therapy can be just what you need to turn a meh day around. Consider it a bonus bit of self-care. If you’ve had something on your wishlist for ages and you’ve got the opportunity to splurge, treat yourself to it. Been eyeing up those faux mink lashes or brand-name jacket? Consider this your official go-ahead to press “add to cart” already! And this doesn’t need to be a material splurge. If you’d rather splurge on your personal development, look into hiring a life coach or taking a course in improving your life.

Whatever you choose to spend your money on, remember that you’re worth it. Bat those gorgeous faux lashes, take tons of photos on your trip to that picturesque seaside town, and show off your new skills to all your friends. These splurges will pack a big punch.

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