There are tons of incredible board games out there, but you only have so much room in your home and so much money to spend on games. If you’re looking to add the best board games to your collection, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Consider who will play the most

If just two members of the family play games the most, it doesn’t make sense to stock your shelves with six-player games. When you go to purchase a new game, ask yourself who will play it the most. A party game might still be worth a purchase if you know you’ll have game nights with your friends, but for the most part, make sure your game collection is full of things you can play whenever you want. No point wasting space and money on games that will just sit there. Only buying games that you know you’ll play will help you craft a collection of games you like and want to enjoy.

Think about the types of games you like

Similarly, you’ll want to consider what types of games you like. If you love Trivial Pursuit, you might stock the shelves with different versions of it. If you hate trivia games, don’t buy it, even if you find a copy for a great deal. Your board game collection can easily get out of hand, so don’t buy new board games just because they’re on sale. If you love Settlers of Catan, you might put money towards an expansion pack. If you and your partner love cooperative games, keep buying those. If strategy games are your thing, go all in. Whatever you like, buy more of that.

Get opinions from players before buying a new game

If you don’t really know what you like and find yourself purchasing dud after dud, consult experts. Head to a computer and ask other people what the best board games are for someone like you. Tell them what mechanics you like, how long you want to play, and how many players you’ll have. If you spot a game you might want to buy, ask for opinions from someone who’s already played it. Not only will this prevent you from purchasing anything you don’t like, but it will also help you understand a bit about the game.

Not everyone can quickly pick up a game and trying to understand the rules might discourage you enough that you set a great game aside. Talking with other people will help you know a bit about the game before you play it.

Create an awesome game wall

Having an awesome game wall serves a few purposes. First, you’ll be able to see every game. This reminds you of what you have so nothing ends up sitting in the back of a closet not being played. Second, it limits the amount of space you have, which makes you more selective with the games you buy. Third, it just looks sweet.

Go to board game conventions

If you’re still struggling to find games you know you’ll like, head to a board game convention. At a con, you can demo games and see what you’ll like. Publishers fill the vendor hall and often offer discounts for con attendees. You can meet other people who love games and learn more about the board game industry.

Gen Con takes place in Indianapolis every year and you’ll find that four days isn’t even enough time to try every game you’ve been eyeing. PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia is a more intimate convention where you can sit down with a new game and learn it with your friends. Having the chance to test games before buying is invaluable for the strength of your collection. You won’t bring home any games you aren’t positive you’ll love.

If you’re starting to love board games, pay attention to what you like and what you don’t. With a little bit of time, you can curate an amazing collection of games that you’ll play for many years.

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