Good things come in small packages, right? We know it to be true and it’s no less so when it comes to shorter women. Still, shopping for flattering clothes can sometimes feel like it’s all made for people a foot taller than you. Here are five fashion tips specifically for smaller women, so you can look as stylish as the next woman.


Make the most of petite offerings.

Maxi dresses can sometimes seem out of reach for smaller women, but they don’t need to be. Brands that offer petite ranges have select styles of maxi dresses that will work for any height. To find a petite maxi dress, look for petite dresses that have a slit up the leg. This gets away from the frumpy, sack-like feeling that often goes with maxi dresses and petite women. Maxi dresses are fun to wear in summer and winter, plus putting a jumper over the top turns your dress into a skirt and increases the longevity of your outfit.

Accessorize smartly.

You’re small, so focus on the smaller aspects of your outfit too. Pack a punch with your accessories and you can make any outfit more glam. For example, getting a unique wood iPhone case can make or break your look for the day. A wooden case looks different and will grab people’s attention where you might otherwise be restricted in choice. Plus, everyone’s phone is the same size, even if people aren’t! A phone case might seem like a small thing, but considering how often we use our phones, it can have a real impact.

Find structure.

Structured clothing, like peplums, blazers, and structured skirts and dresses, is a short girl’s best friend. Add a high waist to those options and you’ve got a winner. They are often lightweight and show off your figure to the max. Make your outfit a work of art by learning into solid colors for different sections of your outfit. The more you emphasize different parts of your body, the less you will look like a little kid playing dress-up in your parents’ clothes. Mix and match clashing colors for a bold look, or have one splash of color in an otherwise black outfit for a more sophisticated, work-appropriate look.


Be picky about the length.

Don’t settle for any length of a skirt. Go for skirts that sit just on or above the knee. A flared dress that stops mid-thigh is perfect for making your legs look longer. Go for flattering fabrics, like cotton, that cling to your frame and give you a to-die-for figure. Also, be careful about picking a neckline that flatters your waist. You want something that emphasizes your curves, whatever they might be, to break up heavy fabrics. A big problem for many smaller women is looking swamped in their clothing; going for particular lengths helps to stop this and makes you the main content of your look – as it should be! Make sure that you are wearing your clothes, rather than them wearing you.

Ankle over knee.

We all love a good boot, but for shorter women, it’s best to go for an ankle boot rather than knee-high. They help your legs look longer and will help you have strong proportions for the rest of your outfit. Chunky ankle boots make for a great pairing with a skater skirt or a maxi dress with a slit. We love pairing chunky heeled boots with delicate clothing: the contrast makes for a killer outfit! Plus, chunkier boots are often more durable, which is great for shorter women who are always running to catch up with their lankier friends.

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