The bachelor party is an ancient tradition that began with the Spartans as an evening of feasting and toasting the groom. Over the centuries the tradition has evolved from classy gentlemen’s dinners to debaucherous parties. Increasingly, bachelor parties are going back to the concept of honoring the bride and respecting the groom’s decision to settle down. To give the groom a proper send-off understand how to throw a bachelor party your best dudes will never forget. 

Set The Stage

A bachelor party is meant to celebrate the groom-to-be and give him a final send-off before saying “I Do.” Talk to the groom and find out what is interested in doing. Not every man wants a weekend of debauchery and vague memories. Figure out the groom’s vision for the party such as location, budget, activities, and guest list. 

Tailor the occasion around the groom’s interests and create a memorable night that fits his personality. Perhaps the groom is an avid marksman and would enjoy going to a shooting range. As a wedding gift, get the groom a firearm or gun accessories from Justice Tactical. With an extensive inventory of accessories, family-owned Justice Tactical offers the lowest possible prices and ships anywhere within the United States. 

Plan Around Guidelines 

Once the groom discusses what kind of party is appropriate, ask for a guest list of who to invite. Chances are, not everyone on the list knows each other, so consult with the groom to get an idea of personalities. Coordinating a large group, especially when not everyone is locally-based, is no easy feat. Ask the groom for a suggestion on who would be best to team up with to help handle the planning responsibilities. 

Use a survey to figure out what dates and locations work best for everyone. Plan the party so that the most amount of invited guests can attend. Bachelor parties are coming-of-age rituals. If the groom’s father is invited, find a way to get him involved. 

Keep Finances Simple 

Coordinating a multi-person party is challenging enough without the hassle of splitting up checks every step of the way. Keep things simplified by charging everything to one credit card then divvy up totals later and collect everyone’s share via cash or PayPal. Assuming it is affordable, the attendees should cover all the costs for the groom.  

Keep everyone in the loop about party details and anticipated costs. No one likes unexpected financial surprises. Always keep the agreed-upon budget in mind to ensure that no one has to skip out on the party if things get too expensive. 

Give Everyone A Chance To Toast the Groom 

Not everyone attending the bachelor party is a groomsman so be sure to give everyone a chance to toast the groom. Ask attendees to give a toast or share some favorite memories. This is a special way to honor the groom and create a moment that he will always remember. Not every man is comfortable or willing to get emotional with an audience, which is fine. Give everyone the same chance to say a few words, but don’t make it mandatory. 

Toasts typically mean raising a full glass and drinking to the honor of the groom. Joe Canal’s liquor store in Lawrenceville, NJ not only has a full-service storefront but they also deliver orders made online. They have an impressive inventory of wines, spirits, and beers from various countries and regions at practical prices. 

Emphasize Accountability 

Before the celebrations begin, emphasize personal accountability. This means communicating that everyone is expected to act like a mature grown man. Attendees should be expected to take care of themselves, keep their behavior in check, know their limits, and know what to do in the event that someone gets separated from the group. 

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