Are you bored with your current style or looking to spice up your wardrobe, but unsure of where to start? Do you want to elevate some of the existing pieces in your closet to fit your personality or sense of style better? Here are five style tips we’ve carefully curated for you to feel fierce, fresh, and fashionably more you.

Revamp your closet.

Start with accessories: Remix your favorite outfits with new (or new-to-you) custom jewelry. Are you looking for an affordable and easy way to feel and look like a new you? Mix up your favorite outfits with custom jewelry or fun accessories that make you feel more like you when you look in the mirror.

Do you have a higher budget and need a little help picking out something for yourself that will surely turn heads? The friendly staff at Peter and Co. Jewelers, a custom jeweler in Avon Lake, OH, can help design—or repair—a watch, ring, or other special pieces to add to your fashion rotation.

Get thrifty.

Find something that is new-to-you and fits your style. Trade out the styles that no longer feel like you, and replace them with an ethically-sourced. Are you looking for ways to avoid fast fashion, or are you simply just not one to follow trends? Try checking out a local thrift store, Goodwill, pawnshop, or charity store to find some hidden treasures that will not break the bank.

Dress for the lifestyle and/or career that you want.

Do you feel that your style has gone a little stale? Are you tired of rotating through the same sweatpants while you work from home? Looking to reintroduce that professional flame to your wardrobe? Play a little dress-up and try on a style for the lifestyle or career of your dreams. Try purchasing a striking piece that you would normally consider out of your style comfort zone: a white jumpsuit will certainly turn heads at a meeting, on a conference call, or even during a special occasion.

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Dare to try something that scares you.

We are not encouraging you to make any fashion faux pas when you dress to impress, however, you may surprise yourself when you try a new fabric or style of garment that may scare you at first and find that it actually can make you feel more confident and overall more you. Treat yourself to that flashy cocktail dress, or commit to the wide leg jumpsuit that has been sitting in your shopping cart for weeks.

Personalize stuff you already have in your wardrobe to transform it into something new.

Have you ever taken a pair of scissors or some fabric paint to a shirt or pair of pants that are just not quite your style? Personalizing the clothes and accessories you already have in your closet can be another thrifty way to save on revamping your style. Hem, embroider or add personalized details to your favorite staple pieces, or give your least favorite garments a facelift with a little TLC and creativity. Cropping a shirt with a pair of scissors, for example, is a fast, easy, and cheap way to make an otherwise unwearable item in your drawers one of your most favorite, and comfortable, shirts.

Do you like to show off your creativity or artistic talents? Try taking some paint or permanent fabric markers to an old pair of jeans, a jacket, or even a hat to make something that is uniquely you.