If you are moving into a new place or find your current living situation a bit drab, it may be time to decorate your space. The importance of interior design and decorating cannot be overstated. After all, your external space greatly affects your well-being and happiness. In order to create a sense of calm, warmth, or positivity in your home, you will want to pay close attention to decoration and aesthetics. Decorating can also be a great conversation starter if you find yourself entertaining guests in your home. For five great tips that will make decorating your space a cinch, keep reading.

Gain some inspiration

The first step in any good decorating or redecorating process is gaining inspiration. You can find inspiration in magazines like Architectural Digest or Good Housekeeping, on apps like Pinterest or Instagram, or from going on home tours of other residences. You can also find wonderful custom home inspiration on websites for newly constructed homes. Peeking at granite countertops, paint swatches, and cabinet colors may be just what you need to feel energized about redecorating.

Borrow from the teachings of feng shui

If you really want to optimize the good energy in your home, consider borrowing some teachings from the practice of feng shui. Feng shui is a way of arranging your home to slow down energy flow and invite good feelings into your space. Some of the practices include maximizing natural light, removing clutter from surfaces, and balancing the elements to create a cohesive feel. Using feng shui as a guiding decorating principle in your home can help you create a nice unified space as well as increase the positive energy in your environment.

Throw in some DIY projects

If you are on a budget or like working with your hands, you may want to do a few DIY projects when you are decorating. When you do-it-yourself, you optimize the possibilities for your home. If there’s a particular space where you’d like a table but just cannot find one that is the right size, consider making it yourself! Or, if you have an old dresser or armoire that could be great in your home if it was just a different color, give it a fresh coat of paint! There are endless ways to complete DIY projects for your home that will not break the bank and will give you tons of options for decorating in your own style.

Make personal touches

On the topic of personal style, adding personal touches as you decorate is a great way to liven up a space. Consider installing a photo gallery wall of personal photographs of family, friends, pets, and vacations from your life. Not only is this a simple way to fill up a blank wall, but it will also bring you joy each time you look at the photos as you are reminded of loved ones. You can even use photos from social media or your phone if you have a smart photo manager like Ibi made by Sandisk. Photo managers like Ibi consolidate all your photos in one storage platform, so it is easy to pick and choose what you want to print and frame for your home. 

Share your space with plants

Introducing houseplants to your dwelling is a great way to have the feel of having a pet without having the responsibility. While you do have to water a houseplant and make sure it has adequate sunlight, there are not nearly as many costs or chores associated with owning one. Additionally, a houseplant can purify the air quality in your home and emulate the feeling of being in nature, which is a great way to unwind and lower your blood pressure. 

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