A lot of people across the U.S. will always look to adding a new car to their lives. They’ll run to the nearest car dealer to purchase a new car for their household. Some people use cars to get back and forth to work. Others use vehicles to run errands. Some families utilize new vehicles to travel across the country, during summer vacations. Whatever their use, people in the U.S. drive automobiles for a variety of reasons. Due to this heightened demand for new cars, there’s an even bigger need for workers throughout the automobile industry.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1.7 million people are employed by the auto industry. This includes such positions as auto body repair people, transportation equipment painters, automotive service technicians, auto mechanics, car salespersons, drivers, and diesel service technicians. All of these positions have one thing in common. They all present common reasons for why you should consider a career working with cars. Below, we’ll focus on why you should consider such a career choice.




There are many people who seek out secondary education, combining a passion for learning, with earning a degree or advanced learning certification in a specific field. For those seeking a career working with cars, there are more than enough opportunities to further their education. Let’s say you want to pursue studies in automotive technology through an Automotive and Diesel Technology program. You can use this automotive technology program to learn about the different aspects of diesel technology, brakes, how to service SUVs, the different aspects of new vehicle electrical systems, and how to perform preventative maintenance with fellow truck mechanics.


Being able to continue your studies in automotive technology, diesel technology, and how to provide automotive service excellence can be the next step in your quest for certification. To have a chance to further your education is a great reason why you should consider working with cars in some capacity.

Employment Opportunities


As mentioned before, there is no shortage of job opportunities that involve working with cars. Some of these include automotive body repairers, transportation equipment painters, automotive service technicians, auto mechanics, and welders. Each of these positions pays well and offers job security. Think of it this way. Many people drive automobiles. Whether they’re Chrysler minivans or Honda cars, there is going to be a need for automobile-related jobs. Say for instance you are a welder. After you receive your certificate in automotive welding and your membership in the American Welding Society you can join a car dealer where your welding services might be in high demand.


Customers will bring their cars for repair to the car dealer they’ve purchased their car from if it’s under warranty. If any welding needs to be done they will leave welding to professionals like yourself to do the job. This will help to ensure your job security in the auto welding profession for years to come. So whether you’re working for a car dealer, or any of the auto workshops across the U.S. being able to find a job is a good reason to consider a career working with cars.

Customer Demand


The demand for new cars isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People want some form of automotive support in their lives and will visit a car dealer to find them. With the demand for such auto brands as Honda, and Chrysler showing no signs of abating, this will ensure that customers will flock to the car dealership in Enfield, CT. Families will always need minivans to drive for those daily errands. Recently graduated college students will need new cars to take their first step into adulthood. The demand for automobiles won’t be slowing down anytime soon.