We’ve long been told to “dress for the job you want and not the job you have” in order to make a positive statement both to ourselves and our employers. While we may talk about how dressing up makes us “feel good,” how much truth is actually there to that statement? Just like setting the mood with candles and dim lighting can really make you feel great on a romantic date, dressing up in a Tom Ford mini dress and spraying on Versace perfume can completely change the way you feel about yourself.

During the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, the majority of us were forced to shelter in place, thus changing our daily environment of working in an office to working on our kitchen tables, couches, and, for some of us, our beds … still wrapped up in blankets (we won’t tell your boss!). Yes, it may seem like a wonderful excuse to not have to get dressed if you’re not leaving out your front door, but now as the world opens up again, it’s truly in your best interest for your mental health to dress to impress, if only for yourself.

Is it really in your best interest to dress to impress?


We’ve all been there. We have a date scheduled for 8:00 and it’s currently 7:38 and our floor is covered with dozens of dresses and shirts that we deem “just not cute enough” for the date. Having the perfect outfit is often a game-changer, but sometimes, is it really the outfit, or is it something deeper? There are many factors that can impact our well-being and mental health, and what was once quite a taboo topic is now more widely accepted and has gained mainstream understanding.

There is no shame in reaching out for help, and if you or a loved one is currently experiencing mental health struggles, VoIP from Charlie Health may be the key to beginning a new life of joy and hope. An intensive outpatient program is a type of therapy that is catered to those who are in need of more than one session per week and is usually around six to 10 weeks with nine to 11 hours of intensive care per week. Intensive care from Charlie Health can be experienced from the comfort of your own home, only requiring a phone, tablet, or computer with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

How you can spice up your wardrobe to feel your best.


The act of getting dressed is tied directly to your mental health. Sliding on a pair of Jimmy Choo heels or picking out a few new Ferragamo Ties from tiedeals.com is more than just looking good: It’s about feeling good. If your finances are a little tight and the thought of building your closet stresses you out, there are huge savings to be found on dress shirts, designer ties, and accessories on Tiedeals.com. Discount sites are a great way to find amazing deals to improve your outfit game.

Victoria Beckham once famously said, “I can’t concentrate in flats!” This mogul designer may have been on to something, as she attributes her ability to perform at her best level at work to her attire. Whether you’re heading to an important presentation, asking for a raise, or going on a special date, your outfit can be a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself. Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said that specific clothing can make people more confident in all sorts of situations. If you find yourself feeling stuck in life, maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror and check out your closet.