Renting A Bridal Gown IN Singapore

Finally! Your big wedding day is coming up sometime soon and it is time for you to try out your wedding gowns that you’ve so dreamed of wearing ever since you were a kid!

Every bride has dreamed of this day since she was a girl, and chances are – it’s the same for you too! That’s normal. It is most girls’ dreams to end up with a guy who will love and take care of her for the rest of their lives. It is also a big wish that the wedding day will be so perfect it feels magical for the couple. Having the right event planners, photographers, videographers as well as renting the right bridal gowns can make all the right differences. If you’re looking for a bridal studio to rent your gown, here’s one:

Here are some things you should note when you are purchasing or renting.

  • Always make sure to find out whether trying on the gowns will cost you money. There are some bridal studios in Singapore which will let you try a few gowns for free, after which they will start charging you money. This is because they would need to send the clothes you have tried on for dry cleaning after wards, so they cannot simply let you try every single piece of gown unless you’re willing to pay too.
  • Find out whether the studio will deliver the gowns to you on the actual day of your photo shoot (regardless whether it is pre wedding photo shoot or actual day wedding photography. This way, you prevent any nasty surprises in case you’re supposed to collect it yourself or they will deliver to the venue of the shoot themselves.
  • The key thing when it comes to picking a beautiful wedding dress is not so much the exact design, but more of the general style (e.g. long train, short, e.t.c.) as well as your body shape and skin tone. Not every color (other than white) looks great on every woman because of differing skin tones. Different colors will look better on different women. Additionally, your body shape will be different from others as well, and it is more important to find a gown (a good bridal company will teach you how to find one such dress) which suits and seriously flatters your body shape instead of finding one that you like but makes your body look awkward. You want to look perfect on your wedding day and any associated photographs or videos. Remember that!

Actual Day Vs Pre Wedding Photo Shoot?

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding in their life as wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime important event for us. We will want the wedding to proceed smoothly and all memories be captured in photographs or videos beautifully so that we can reminisce in the future. However, some of us may be financially tight and thus cannot afford to have a full-blown all-out wedding like some of the rich people do. Hiring expensive cars, going to expensive top hotels in the country to host your wedding banquets, and hiring professional wedding photographers for all wedding events may not be possible. Couples will need to prioritize the wedding items then.

In my opinion, wedding photography should not be left out. Couples will definitely regret not taking wedding photographs to commerate their wedding in the future. If you take these wedding photographs in the future to compensate, the feeling and atmosphere will be very different from the first actual wedding too. Wedding photography is split into 2 parts – pre wedding and actual day wedding photography. Pre wedding photography Singapore refers to the wedding photo shoot to capture deliberate poses of the newly weds in private. These wedding photographs will be collated to form a wedding photo album and wedding portraits too. Actual day photography, on the other hand, is the wedding photography taken during the actual wedding banquet in Singapore. Professional bridal photography studios like Grandeur Weddings do both of them. This is to capture the happenings during the wedding event and the photographs are usually candid, unlike the deliberate wedding photographs in pre wedding photography Singapore.

If I were to choose between pre wedding and actual day photography, I will choose to have pre wedding photography in Singapore. This is because pre wedding photographs are much more beautiful and memorable than actual day wedding photographs. In pre wedding photographs, you can see the deliberate blissful attempts by the newly weds to celebrate their marriage. Nice wedding attire, backdrops, expressions, and poses are combined to form a better looking photograph than actual day photographs which are candid. For realistic reasons, pre wedding photographs are used as wedding portraits while actual day wedding photographs are not – pre wedding photographs zooms in into the newly weds while actual day wedding photographs are 90% zoomed out to capture the entire environment to show the interaction in the environment.

Preparing for your wedding photo shoot

Are you a newly wed or going-to-be newly wed that is going to have your wedding photo shoot soon? Feeling excited for the wedding photo shoot? I have been there and I can give you some advice on the things to prepare for your wedding photo shoot, to make the wedding photo shoot session a memorable and efficient one.

1. Finalise your wedding photo shoot ideas. Brainstorm and plan for the entire wedding photo shoot. Know exactly what wedding styles you are going to adopt during the wedding photo shoot. What wedding style do you want to elude from your Singapore wedding photography? There are a lot of things to coordinate to produce the wedding styles you desire. For instance, the wedding attire because you need to get your bridal gown rental in advance, backdrop because you need to travel to those places, poses so you won’t be stuck with no ideas on the actual day of the photo shoot, etc all have to match in order to produce the desired wedding photography style you want. On top of the wedding photography styles, you will also need to plan for the duration and location of the wedding photo shoot. Try to make the wedding photo shoot shorter so you will look energetic in your wedding photographs. A long Singapore wedding photography session will drain you mentally and physically, and make you look sub-optimal. You do not want that to happen.

2. Have an adequate rest before the date of wedding photo shoot. You will need to look your best during the wedding photo shoot. Thus, sleep early and have enough sleep to ensure you will look good the next day! You may want to pamper yourself by going to spas and massages to invigorate yourself.

3. Apply for more leaves / time-offs from work than the actual number of days to complete your wedding photo shoot. Even though the Singapore wedding photography session may last 2 days, take at least 4 days of leaves (starting from 1 day before the wedding photo shoot and ending 1 day after the wedding photo shoot). This is to make sure that you will not work too much just before the Singapore wedding photography session so that you can look your best during the photo shoot. Moreover, get a 1 day break for leisure or to clear up some work before you head back to office to clear up all the work that piled up while you were away having your wedding photo shoot.

4. Get all the tools ready for the wedding photo shoot. Tools such as wedding attire, flowers, engagement rings etc may be included in the list to bring for the wedding photo shoot. Make sure you prepare them long before the Singapore wedding photography session so you do not panic at the last minute.

Engaging A wedding photographer

What are or should be the criteria for choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding?

Do you based your selection on age of the wedding photographer? How about the gender of the photographer? Then what about the years of experience of the wedding photographer? How about the dressing style? And price of the wedding photographer’s service maybe?

Except for the years of experience of the photographer, all the rest of the criteria above is not in my list of criteria when choosing a good wedding photographer in Singapore. My top priority in engaging bridal photographers for my wedding is to make sure that he is able to produce quality and memorable wedding photographs for me. This is of the highest priority and that is why I always go to top bridal studios in Singapore like only because there really is no point if he cannot perform this straight forward requirement. For the quality, I do not mind paying more for his service if his photography work is really one notch above the rest. There are some photographs which will awe people and remain in people’s minds while some photographs leave no impressions behind.

Generally speaking, the more experienced the professional, engaged photographer is, the more skilled he is at wedding photography. Talent also plays a huge part in determining if a wedding photographer is really good and can produce quality and memorable wedding photographs. The best way to find out if a Singapore wedding photographer is really good is through his or her portfolio. The wedding photographer will have to showcase to me his portfolio and make me feel that engaging him for my wedding event is the best choice. This is the case for both pre and actual day ceremony events! If I’m impressed by the past wedding images he has taken, then there is a high chance that I will engage him. The photographer can also simply flash out his camera on the spot and capture some great photographs on the spot. This move will impress me even more, on top of having a great portfolio.

Wedding Cinematography

Photographs are indeed one of the best tools to capture memories. They can be easily taken, stored and viewed in the future at our convenience. The quality of the photographs will not be lost as time pass. As such, wedding photography have become one of the most important issue during weddings – couples wish to get their once-in-a-lifetime event captured into beautiful photographs to look back on, in the future. They can also share their photographs with friends and family too. It will be a great waste if no memories of the wedding are stored in hardcopies such as wedding photographs.

However, as technology improves, there emerge another technology which is also a great tool in capturing memories, and in fact, contains more details and qualities than photographs. It is the invention of videos. Even a simple wedding video is able to bring out more story than wedding photography. In fact, through a short 5 minutes wedding video, you can understand a lot more stories behind the newly weds than you can do so via a 50-photographs wedding photo album. Moreover, having a wedding videography package is more engaging than wedding photography. With moving pictures and sounds, we can actually see and hear the interaction of objects during the actual event as if we are there. This is opposed to wedding photographs which we need to use our imagination to think what happened during the event via the photograph of one scene alone. Wedding videography Singapore is increasingly demanded by Singaporean newly-weds on top of photography. When people watch others’ wedding video, they will automatically understand the value and beauty of wedding videos themselves. Hence, as Singaporeans accept wedding videography Singapore as part of the wedding package, it is common to see both wedding photographer and wedding videographer in weddings in Singapore nowadays, sometimes working hand in hand to produce the best wedding photographs and videos to the newly weds.

Weddings – Sacred Moments

Hosting a wedding in Singapore can be costly. However, that is not the main concern of Singaporeans as many already come to terms with this fact. includes engaging professional photographers like Grandeur Wedding Studios to capture beautiful moments. People don’t save on wedding expenditure. As such, bridal photography and videography is an established service niche in Singapore that is constantly in demand, and is lucrative as well. The skillful and talented wedding photographers flocked to wedding photography Singapore industry as it is lucrative. On the other side, people sees the value in wedding photography and is willing to pay for it.

This is no surprise actually. Bridal photoshoots are something that can be only done once in a lifetime – during the wedding event. The bridal photographer must be really good to produce good wedding images based on just one day of photo shoot and he must not fail. The wedding cannot possibly repeat for the photographers to take their shots again. People recognize this and give credits to the wedding photographers and do not mind paying a premium for this premium service. People just want their wedding photo album to be as beautiful and memorable as they can.

Wedding is one of the most special moments in one’s life. Everyone wants it to be as perfect as possible. Wedding signifies the coming together and bondage of a couple. It is a sacred moment. The happiness in the air is abundant! Everyone loves to go to weddings to indulge in this joyful atmosphere and witness the marriage of the 2 person. Hence, it is even more important to capture this joyful moment down.

When I think of wedding, I will think of love, the most powerful feeling in the world. Love can drive people to do things, to achieve things that one couldn’t normally do on their own. Though focused on the couple, wedding is one of the events that can gather the entire groups of close relatives and friends from both sides. Everyone can see one another again and network and bond together. This bondage can be captured by the wedding photographers during the actual wedding event.

Wedding Photograph Inspiration

Looking for special wedding photography so that you can keep more unique memories of your marriage in future?

Here are some interesting ideas for wedding photographs.

How about in space…?

space wedding photo

It should be taken on Earth and not in space though! But isn’t it interesting how the wedding photo was taken that it looks like it was taken under zero gravity?

How about holding your bride in the palm of your hands?

Aren’t those marriage photo shoots so interesting and fun compared to usual boring and typical ones?

It takes someone with lots of creativity to come up with these interesting wedding photography.

Normally, these creative wedding photography ideas are brainstormed by the newly weds themselves. Sure, the wedding photographers may be able to provide the newly weds with some wedding photography advices such as the styles that are trendy now, and the locations for the wedding photography. Ultimately, it is up to the newly weds to make the decision for themselves. In fact, wedding photographers seldom take the initiative to advice the newly weds on the styles to take for the wedding photography and only play an advisory role. The best photographers in Singapore will advise couples on the types of photos to take – but the ultimate choice is up to the couple. It’s the newly weds that holds the final decision making right as they are the clients in this contract with the wedding photographers. The photographers must coordinate to help the newly weds produce the best possible wedding photographs which are produced in the style that the newly weds demand.

With that said, the newly weds should ideally be the one responsible for coming up with the wedding photography ideas while the wedding photographer must possess great photography skills to capture beautiful wedding photographs for the newly weds. Make sure to find yourself a good wedding photographer and you will never find your marriage photos boring even decades later!

Your ideas plus their photography skills will produce any wedding photo album that you can think of.